Best Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells have been around for a long time, but have become very popular recently due to the intense workouts you can get using them.

What do Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey have in common? They both use kettlebells to stay in shape.

One of the unique benefits of using kettlebells is that you can train both cardio-vascular and anabolic systems in one go. Simply put you can increase your overall fitness and tone up your muscles. The biggest benefit from doing kettlebell workouts by far, is for weight loss.

On this site you will find countless kettlebell workouts for you to get started, all the workouts are aimed at beginners and intermediate level trainers. So they are suitable for most people of all shapes and sizes.

In this post I will highlight some of the best kettlebell workouts for you, whether you want to increase muscle mass, tone up your muscles or lose weight.

Key kettlebell exercises.

Twice the Results in Half the Time?

Kettlebell workouts have a reputation for providing much faster fat loss results than conventional resistance weight and barbell workouts. It’s no wonder that Hollywood actors are turning to them to the droves. It is touted that Gerard Butler the lead from the movie 300 used kettlebells to get in shape for the film.

The American Council on Exercise undertook research with University of Wisconsin, to get to the bottom of all the kettlebell claims. The research led by John Porcari Ph.D., and Chad Schnettler, M.S., found that the calorie burn per minute was off the charts. The only comparable equivalent to kettlebell workouts would be running a 6 minute mile or cross country skiing uphill at a fast pace!

Time-saving workouts: Kettlebells combine aerobic and anaerobic (aka cardio and strenngth) into one workout, so you don’t have to do 15 minutes of cardio and a boring 45 minute weight training session into your workout. You just need to do 25 minutes of kettlebells and you’ll be done!


kettlebell basics
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Kettlebells for Women

Contrary to what you might think, kettlebells aren’t just for men, but women can use it today. It’s actually perfectly suited for women because the aim is not to build huge muscles, rather the aim is fitness and overall core strength. What you will find is that you will lose fat and tone up those glutes and thighs.

Ready for the challenge? See if you can keep up with kettlebell workouts from the free kettlebell basics 101 programme

300 Kettlebell Workout

If you’ve gone through and enjoyed the 300 workout, then you’ll just love this workout. Kettlebells can be adapted to work very well to the 300 workout

Super MMA Workouts using Kettlebells

Kettlebells have been widely adopted by MMA trainees and coaches for their versatile use and sport specific training abilities which make them perfect for us in MMA.

What makes Kettlebell workouts so special

Kettlebells are so versatile and suit trainees who are more interested in core body strength, and fitness. This is why kettlebells are utilised so much by crossfitters and MMA athletes.

  • Kettlebells save time, there’s less resting time and more time spent on the exercises. A workout lasts for 30 minutes max, but is twice or three times more intense then resistance weight excercises.
  • Kettlebells hit all the wish lists anyone can ask for, they aid in fat loss, strength gain and fitness.
  • Kettlebell explosive movements closely mimic sport specific moves, helps shotputters throw more further, helps baseball players throw faster, and helps boxers snap their punches more quickly.
  • Kettlebells free you up from going to the gym, you can own just 3 kettlebells, a skipping rope and a yoga mat and it would be sufficient to get all your workouts from this basic kit.

kettlebell basics
Grab all the best kettlebell workouts in a nice and easy to read complimentary manual.
Get it here before it’s withdrawn.

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I’ve been lucky in that it’s remained in pristine condition to this day that I didn’t have to do a new paint job on it, or do any smoothing mods on it.

I’ve also happened to buy some cheap ebay kettlebells that I spent a whole weekend trying to smooth out the handles to get to work. A few of the kettlebells I had to work on, I decided to go the extra mile and painted them with mixed results.

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Your muscles behave similarly, if you suddenly decide to sprint or lift heavy weight without warming up it can cause you to pull or tear a muscle. There are all sorts of fancy warmup routines that people subscribe to – I personally just get myself the light kettle bell and do a few repetitions of each exercise. Continue reading Warmups & Stretching

7 home health checks that could save your life

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1. Sudden weight gains or losses

Sudden increases or losses in weight can signal serious health issues. Sudden gains in weight may be due to hypothyroidism, adrenal disorders, fluid retention due to congestive heart disorder and kidney disease. Don’t rule out pregnancy either.

Sudden decreases in weight could be down to depression (caused by huge drop in appetite), cancer, autoimmune disease and hyperthyroidism.

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I was an early adopter of Vibram Five fingers ever since they first came out (I think back in 2008). After hearing about the numerous benefits of bare foot training [which I will talk about in this post] I just had to try them out.

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Fat Loss Benefits of Interval Training with Kettlebells

Interval training is the holy grail of Fitness. it’s probably the single most effective way to burn fat, increase metabolism and drastically improve your VO2max (stamina).

Conventional Wisdom is WRONG

Conventional wisdom has been that in order to achieve fat loss, trainees had to perform aerobic workouts for more than 30 minutes in order to activate fat loss. Interval training is counter intuitive to this principle.

A study by Stephen H. Boutcher from the University of New South Wales found that affects of regular aerobic activity on body fat is NEGLIGIBLE. Based on his research he found that interval training was more effective at reducing subcutaneous abdominal fat more than any other exercise. Continue reading Fat Loss Benefits of Interval Training with Kettlebells

7 tips to stay motivated

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Where does all the energy go after increasing metabolism?

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Let me reiterate, increasing resting metabolism IS the holy grail of fat loss. It effectively allows you to burn more calories without doing exercise. Often you will hear people talking about increasing metabolism and burning more fat/energy. But what surprises me is that people never seem to ask, “So where does all this energy expenditure go?”

If you paid attention to Physics class, you’ll be familiar with the old adage “energy is never lost, it just changes form”. So if your metabolism increases, energy use is increased, it must be spent in some way in the body.

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Beginners guide to buying your first kettlebell

Before you begin training you will need to get your hands on some good quality kettlebells, there is a lot of variations in designs, types and weights of kettlebells. Read this page in full so that you get complete knowledge on exactly what you need to buy, before making a silly purchase you might regret.

There are two main categories of kettlebells

  1. Professional grade steel kettlebells
  2. Standard cast iron kettlebells.

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