The 10 minute snatch test

The 10 minute snatch test is a gruesome, intense and stomach churning workout that challenges both your physical abilities and your mental strength.

In fact the exercise has been selected specifically by the united states Special Forces units in order to push recruits to the limit to weed out weak individual and separate them from the mentally strong.

You can do this workout to test your fitness and mental fortitude, the goal is to perform as many snatches as possible in the 10 minute time slot. Count your full repetitions and repeat the snatch test every month to see how much you have improved.

The standard for men is to use the 24kg kettlebell for the snatch test, and 16kg for women.

Obviously if you’re not strong enough to do use these weights, start off light and build your strength up, if you’re already strong, then more power to you.

Notes on performing the snatch test

  1. Learn correct snatch technique here
  2. Remember that when you are tired, you lose concentration and can let the technique slip, always have the technique at the top of your mind
  3. You will start to get very tried around 3-4 minutes time, and it will get progressively harder until 7 minutes, when the pain plateaus, and then you get used to it. So if you’re tempted to quit, don’t.
  4. Although this may sound contrary to point 3, but don’t clock watch, get some else to time you, or set a timer to go off in 10 minutes, your focus should be on each lift, zone into the now, and forget about time left, focusing on the time left will break you.
  5. Find a pattern of hand switch that works for you, I like to change hangs every 10 reps, it always helps with my counting if I count in blocks of 10.

2 comments to The 10 minute snatch test

  • kettlebell girl

    I’ve done the snatch test non stop for 5 minutes, it really took a lot out of me, but I managed. I hope i can do 10 minutes soon

  • Paul Treadwell

    Did this for the first time today i only got my first Kettlebell three days ago!I did managed to do it for the full 10 minutes using 7.5kg, but im cream crackered!

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