The Kettlebell Windmill Excercise

The windmill is a fantastic exercise to build oblique strength and flexibility; it’s regarded more as a support exercise. In order to learn it, it’s best if you practice without any weight to begin with. Begin by standing shoulder widths apart, and toes pointing slightly out.


How to do the Kettlebell clean

image shows the step by step movement of the kettlebell clean




The kettlebell clean is a key technique needed for many other kettlebell lifts


The purpose of the clean is to quickly lift up the kettlebell up in front of your shoulders, resting it on top of your forearm [3], in order to perform front squats or the kettlebell press. Unlike barbell […]

The Turkish Getup

The turkish get-up is a fantastic exercise to build legendary shoulder strength


The Turkish getup is a fantastic exercise to build shoulder muscles, and all round strength and conditioning. It’s particularly useful for wrestlers, MMA fighters, BJJ and other combat athletes that use both standing and ground positions.


How to do the kettlebell swing

How to perform the kettlebell swing exercise


The kettlebell swing is the bread and butter of all kettlebell workouts, and makes for a intense and exhilarating workout, kettlebell swings help develop strong posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings, back, shoulders) muscles and boosts cardio vascular endurance.

If there’s one technique that you had to […]

The Kettlebell Press

Great technique on how to do the kettlebell press


Kettlebell Snatch Technique

The kettlebell snatch is one of the most difficult moves to get right, and should only be attempted after mastery of the kettlebell clean; the lift basically involves lifting the kettlebell from the ground to the overhead locked out position in one move.

The most challenging part of the kettlebell snatch is getting the punch […]