Roughly 70% of the human body is made out of water and for the body to keep on functioning properly it needs an adequate supply of water coming in throughout the day. This is patciuarly the case when you’re on a weight loss diet or a fitness programme because the bodies need for water increases in order to flush out poisonous toxins, to and carry essential maintenance work in the body.

You should drink water throughout the day, a lot of people go without liquids until they are thirsty, by the time thirst has set in usually your body is past dehydration and has already begun to slow down metabolism and maintenance work.

It has not been firmly established exactly how much water the human body requires, but a rough rule is to aim for 8 glasses of water, and if you are training intensely you should aim for 1.5x more than during your workout days.

Protein synthesis creates a lot of waste by products inside the body which needs to be diluted in water in order for the body to process it, in addition to this the kidneys need water in order to process all the toxins. Without sufficient water the kidneys will not be able to function effectively and may also help create kidney stones.

Why plenty of water is essential for fat loss

If your goal is to lose fat, then there’s even more reason for  you to drink plenty of water, water can help you lose fat in the following ways

  • Reduces hunger pangs
    Water gives you a more “full” feeling, and can stave of hunger pangs and a glass of water before bed can help eliminate midnight snacking, provided your bladder can hold onto the water that is.
  • Increases metabolism
    The metabolism is the speed at which your body burns calories, and consequently fat levels in your body, insufficient water in your body will cause your body to go into survival mode and slow down your metabolism
  • Liver function
    The liver is responsible for turning your stored body fat into usable energy, an increase of water in your diet will help the liver work more efficiently and thus lose fat.

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