Cool kettlebell designs

Our kettlebells are like an extension of ourselves. I still have my dragon door kettlebell that I purchases over 4 years ago and still use it to this day.

I’ve been lucky in that it’s remained in pristine condition to this day that I didn’t have to do a new paint job on it, or […]

Benefits of Bare Feet Training

I was an early adopter of Vibram Five fingers ever since they first came out (I think back in 2008). After hearing about the numerous benefits of bare foot training [which I will talk about in this post] I just had to try them out.

The whole point of these funky shoes is to mimic […]

The best way to record and track your body fat levels

When you’re lifting weights or doing any physical exercise, it’s important to keep a record of your bodyweight and body fat percentage in order to track your progress.

Having a clear record of your body fat percentage is important because a lot of the time when people start training they notice that their overall bodyweight […]

Beginners guide to buying your first kettlebell

Before you begin training you will need to get your hands on some good quality kettlebells, there is a lot of variations in designs, types and weights of kettlebells. Read this page in full so that you get complete knowledge on exactly what you need to buy, before making a silly purchase you might regret.


What differs Kettlebells from Dumbells?

I got this sent to me in an email, and I thought I’d address it here

Apart from the handle, what makes kettlebells special? Can’t you do all the same exercises (snatch etc) with regular dumbbells as well, is it some special grip thing? In fact I would think that because the center […]

A few questions on kettlebells

Question:I read some articles around the net stating that kettlebells are still not approved by medicine and are overhyped and that the long term usgae can fuck up the shoulders. Is there any truth in this or is it a bull?

Answer: It is both.

First off, it depends on what kind of exercise you […]