A few questions on kettlebells

Question:I read some articles around the net stating that kettlebells are still not approved by medicine and are overhyped and that the long term usgae can fuck up the shoulders. Is there any truth in this or is it a bull?

Answer: It is both.

First off, it depends on what kind of exercise you use.

If we are talking maximal strength, then we can safely say : It is as dangerous as bodybuilding and weightlifting which are both, when done correctly, not really dangerous at all.

If we are talking ballistic lifts like snatches and jerks the dangers go up.

But are they gonna fuck up the shoulders?

They can. If you do one of two things you can fuck up your shoulders :

1) Have shitty technique. Now the bells don’t have to do anything with this.
2) You progress too fast into thousands of reps of ballistic lifts and therefore fuck up your shoulders. Again, the bells have nothing to do with it.

I have seen 80 year old gireviks from Russia doing high rep snatches that would KILL my shoulder. Why? Because they had the right training and didn’t do stupid things.

Approved by medicine is something pretty interesting. What do you want approved in them?

When I do a kettlebell swing 100 times, I have an intense training experience. I do not need anyone to explain me I do have that.

If you want to see wether or not the exercises used are dangerous there is already enough research to tell you that.

Is the kettlebell overhyped? Of course it is.

Think about an add that says : “Revolutionary new tool! This will shed your fat off and make you strong like an ox! It is called the dumbbell!”

You would think BULLSHIT. But that does not make the dumbbell a bullshit tool. It is simply a tool to provide a resistance in certain motions.

And I while I have been very critical of it have not yet seen such a tool with such versatility for FUNCTIONAL training. I would not recommend it to bodybuilders at all. It is best suited for athletes and people who want to get fit and shredded and not be mass builders. But in the end this kind of fitness is what most people want when they get into contemporary gyms. And this is what they more and more get and this is what makes me happy. Most people want to become animals not brutes. So why train hard on a training schedule that is made for becoming one day a brute when you can become an athletic animal.

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