Cool kettlebell designs

Our kettlebells are like an extension of ourselves. I still have my dragon door kettlebell that I purchases over 4 years ago and still use it to this day.

I’ve been lucky in that it’s remained in pristine condition to this day that I didn’t have to do a new paint job on it, or do any smoothing mods on it.

I’ve also happened to buy some cheap ebay kettlebells that I spent a whole weekend trying to smooth out the handles to get to work. A few of the kettlebells I had to work on, I decided to go the extra mile and painted them with mixed results.

In any case if you’re interested in dragon door bells click here.

I’ve been collecting some cool kettlebell custom paint job pictures and picked these as my most favorite.


I never understood the fascination some women have with leopard print. But I really like the look of this.


Good first attempt at custom kettlebell painting


American Kettlebell Club logo inspired design


Pixellated camo design, I guess one for the FPS gamer


My favourite arty kettlebell


My personal favorite and my recent acquisition:

Primal bells by onnit labs

I recently bought these kettlebells from onnit labs. I’ve had so many comments made about them, including random passers by. Which is a surreal experience in the tight lipped “we don’t talk to strangers” London culture. You can get them here.

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